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Tom Bradley Visits Islamic Center

Sanfaz Security was there when Mayor Tom Bradley visited the Islamic Center in LA. Circa 1980. Sanfaz Security CEO Mohamed Sanfaz shown on the left.

LA Riot 1992

Due to the fact that Sanfaz Security was headquartered in Koreatown during the LA riot of 1992, we were first hand witnesses to the devastation and destruction that occurred there as well as the disproportionate effects to the Korean community. We are proud to say that we were there helping protect shops and store fronts. The CEO was interviewed by K-Town92, a project dedicated to covering different perspectives of the people of Koreatown regarding this community protection.

LA Riot 2020

During the 2020 riots, Sanfaz Security was still there in Koreatown assisting and protecting their clients.

2023 and Beyond

We commit that we will always provide the excellent protection and services that our clients have come to expect. Our motto is to go above and beyond our clients expectations while still maintaining affordability and friendly customer support. Our experienced employees are trained and ready to service our clients needs whenever and wherever they are needed.